Mercedes-Benz W115 Imagined As Modern-day EV

Mercedes EQE Rendering Based W114 and W115

Here’s a neat render, giving a glimpse of what the Mercedes-Benz W115 look like in an all-electric avatar

Boxy cars are lovely, let’s admit. The boxy-ness of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is, in fact, one of many reasons for its strong cult. In the era of the 80s, even the sedans were boxy. Today, Mercedes-Benz sedans have strong wind-cheating capabilities, which were absent on the boxy W114s and W115s. However, they looked great. And we recently came across a digital illustration of the W115 in an electrified avatar.

The rendering in the above image comes from Larson Design. In the picture, the electric sedan with the tri-arrow logo looks very appealing. On the front, it gets a big square grille, obviously a faux unit. The headlamps are boxy too, and they remind us of those seen on the W115 sedan. The chrome strip seen on the original W115 is now replaced with a similar LED bar.

The steel bumper has been replaced with a more modern unit. From the sides, the W115 inspired EQE looks gorgeous. The body panels are flat with sharp creases. It gets flush-type door handles and sits on a set of humongous chrome-finished rims. They do look like 21 inchers.

Mercedes EQE Rendering Based W114 and W115

Sadly, the rear profile is not visible in this rendering. But a similar treatment can be expected on the rear facet to save harmony. While the electrified rendition of the legendary W115 is still a wild dream of the rendering artist, it will receive positive reactions from the audience. No doubt, it does make the EQS look boring.

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that its R&D wing will only work on electric powertrains and platforms after 2025. Also, the brand is targeting to go full-electric by 2030. The brand has also released a new teaser of the EQE, a smaller electric sedan that will sit below the EQS in the carmaker’s electric line-up.

Mercedes EQE Rendering Based W114 and W115 (2)


The EQE will shed the veils at the 2021 IAA Munich Motor Show in September this year. Mercedes-Benz plans to showcase four cars in total at the Munich Motor Show. The AMG division will also have its first electric sedan sharing the pavilion at the auto show.