Mercedes Benz Planning EV Sub Brand to Compete BMW and Tesla


Mercedes Benz planning EV sub brand; the German luxury automaker could launch two SUVs and two sedans initially

German luxury auto manufacturer Mercedes Benz is planning to launch an assault on the Tesla and BMW. The company is planning to launch a dedicated EV sub brand. The name of the sub brand is not chosen yet. But the company is setting up initial plans. And it is expected to launch two SUVs and two sedans with all of them powered by electric powertrains.

The Mercedes Benz has already announced that it will unveil an electric car at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This car is supposed to be a SUV, which can run up to 500 kilometers on a single charge. Surely that’s enough to give the Tesla a tough run for money. Also the SUV will give us the preview of the forthcoming Mercedes Benz EV models.

Mercedes Benz is also working on a fuell cell electric powered GLC. It will built at the Bremen plant alongside the upcoming EVs

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Tesla showed the world, that the fully electric cars can be very stylish and premium as well. The Model S from the American EV maker has garnered both interest and attraction from people around the world. The other two models also created quite some sensation among people.

Apart from that Mercedes Benz’s German rival BMW has also set up its electric car wing ‘i’. It has already launched two models the i8 and i3. The i8 is considered as one of the best looking sportscars around the world at present.

Mercedes benz Electric car (2)

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So far, the pressure has been rising constantly on the Mercedes Benz. Now with the Tesla struggling with finance to bring its latest model and the BMW ‘i’ division holding off its next model for next 5 years, time is ripe for the three star logo brand. We have already seen the demonstration of the heavy duty truck by the Daimler AG. Therefore it is clear that the company is working fast on electric cars.

Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive cars uses Tesla sourced batteries

The reports suggest the Bemen plant in Germany will manufacture the electric cars for the Mercedes Benz EV sub brand. The company is also working on a GLC SUV with fuel cell electric powertrain. This car will also be built at the Bremen plant.