Mercedes-Benz DTW Concept Imagines Le Mans Return by 2030

Mercedes-Benz DTW Concept 1

Mercedes-Benz DTW concept has advanced 3D printing technology for tyre generation on track

Mercedes-Benz’s history at Le Mans is not particularly impressive despite the current dominant era since the turbo-engined regulations came into effect in Formula One. The brand has a crash-prone record in the top flight sportscar Le Mans Prototype racing which is flooded by the Audi, Porsche and Toyota racers right now.

A designer created a new Le Mans car and thinks that could become a winning formula for Mercedes-Benz. Martin Chatelier is a design student from Sevres, France who created his vision into a Le Mans winning racer through a futuristic concept whose pictures are posted here. He has given it the name DTW and believes it could be used for track racing by the end of 2030.

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Mercedes-Benz DTW Concept

He has taken design inspiration from Emmanuel Zurini, a former Le Mans photographer turned sculpture artist. Chatelier says he has used “pure materials” and his nuances to make “elegant volumes on a base made of a different material” will transpire the car into a true race winner. The driver cockpit will act as the base and the entire racecar is built shrouding it.

Mercedes-Benz DTW Concept 2

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The awe-inspiring sharper design language of the DTW concept allows for immaculate driver visibility according to him and the body panels are being laid out to provide aerodynamic downforce. It retains the typical teardrop cockpit shape of a LMP1 race machine with a massive rear wing and smooth bodywork efficiently channeling airflow.

Mercedes-Benz DTW Concept 3

Powering the DTW concept is dual electric motors developing electrical energy by the means of Tesla turbine. It utilises compressed air located in chambers on both sides of the vehicle as the advantages are more than conventional systems said Chatelier. The tyre technology is nothing short of revolutionary as 3D printer fitted behind the wheels sprays liquid rubber for continuous tyre regeneration.

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The airbrakes are of four in number aiding the powertrain and is said to act as Aerodynamics Energy Recovery System (AERS). The AERS injects air back into the turbine. The airbrakes, besides regenerating, preserve braking system and cuts down braking length in straight line.