Mercedes B-Class Electric Vehicle Production To Be Stopped


Mercedes is ready to discontinue the production of its only mass market electric car later this year

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to stop production of its only mass market electric car B-Class Electric Drive. By discontinuing this MPV, the German luxury car manufacturer will focus on its dedicated electric vehicle sub-brand EQ. The B-Class Electric Drive will be phased out in the third quarter of this year and there is no news of replacement.

The German auto giant has been showing interest on electric cars for quite some time. Last year it launched the dedicated EV sub-brand EQ. It has already unveiled the EQ A hatchback concept that is expected to hit the market in 2020. This compact electric hatchback is likely to lock horns with rivals like the BMW i3 and Volkswagen ID.

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The Mercedes-Benz EQ will roll out 10 electric vehicles by 2025 across the global markets and the EQ A hatchback is one of that. Speaking about the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, this MPV was launched in December 2013 and since then it has sold 3,651 units only. Produced in the Rastatt plant in Germany, this car’s poor sales number is another reason behind the discontinuation.

Mercedes-Benz has already invested £8.6 billion for the development of electric vehicles that are expected to contribute a large part of the auto major’s total sales in the next decade. The brand has expressed its desire to launch electric cars in Indian market also. Considering central government’s plan to introduce all-electric mobility across the country by 2030, Mercedes’s EVs could play major role in boosting the zero emission transportation here.


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Joining the bandwagon with Tesla, Mercedes has already appealed to Indian government for temporary excise duty exemption on import of electric vehicles in the country. The brand aims to launch its EV here by 2020 and initially it wants to ensure the minimum consistent sales number of the EVs in India.

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