Meet The Tata Altroz “Phoenix Edition” – Video

Tata Altroz Phoenix Edition exterior

Here, we have a modified Tata Altroz from Coimbatore, which gets a full-body exterior wrap, custom interior, and aftermarket alloy wheels

Tata Altroz is one of the most handsome hatchbacks currently on sale in the Indian market. Its sharp and sporty design gives it an undeniable road presence, and even its interior looks upmarket and attractive. However, customisation can make everything better, right? Well, it surely did in the case of this custom Tata Altroz, named ‘Phoenix Edition’.

The video below, by AutoTrend TV, gives us a close look at this modified hatchback. The exterior of the vehicle sports a full-body wrap – Black and Grey with Neon Red laser pattern – which enhances the sporty look of the vehicle. All the chrome parts on the exterior have now been blacked out, including the Tata logo on the nose and tail. The ‘Altroz’ badging on the tailgate is painted bright red though, which contrasts with its black background.

On the roof, the hatchback gets Neon Red racing stripes that extend to the roof-mounted spoiler, along with a custom Phoenix logo. The latter is exclusive to this modified hatchback. Other than that, this vehicle also gets 17-inch, multi-spoke, aftermarket alloy wheels with low-profile 215-section tyres. Also, the front disc brakes now get red-painted brake callipers.

The interior of the vehicle has been customised to match the exterior. The lower portion of the dashboard and the door panels are painted in bright red, which looks way sportier than the stock cabin. The seat belts have been dyed red, and we see a black Suede roofliner on the car. The leatherette seats of the vehicle are stock though.

This particular model is the ‘XZ plus i-Turbo’ variant of Tata Altroz, which is the top-spec trim; it gets all the bells and whistles available on the hatchback. No aftermarket equipment has been added to the car. As such, there is no change to the comfort and convenience of the premium Tata hatchback.

Tata Altroz Phoenix Edition interior

Thanks to the 17-inch wheels, the handling of the vehicle has seemingly improved a little. The ride quality doesn’t really feel compromised on good or moderately bad roads. The host of the video does state that on very bad or broken roads, the ride quality will surely feel worse than the stock car. The cost of these mods is reported to be Rs. 1.8 lakh, which isn’t too much considering how brilliant the vehicle looks now.