Meet India’s First Maruti Suzuki Dzire Electric Sedan – Video

Maruti Dzire EV conversion northern motorsports img

Check out this Maruti Dzire, which has been converted into an EV with the help of a custom-built electric powertrain

Electrification is slowly gaining pace in the Indian automobile industry, but carmakers are yet to offer a truly affordable offering with a decent range. However, there are a few aftermarket options that one can choose that are relatively cost-effective, like the one we have here – a Maruti Dzire with an EV conversion kit.

This particular model is a 2020 Maruti Dzire, and it has been converted into an electric car by Northway Motorsport. The electric powertrain is almost entirely developed in-house, and according to the workshop, this is the most sophisticated job they’ve done yet and they intend to help others create similar DIY electric cars.

The custom-built Dzire EV gets a 15 kW electric motor, which can deliver a peak power of 35 kW for short bursts. The maximum torque of the motor is rated at 170 Nm, which translates to 842 Nm at the wheels. The car utilises the same 5-speed manual transmission at the stock car (complete with reverse gear), but with a lightened flywheel.

The gearbox helps extract a lot of torque in the first gear, while returning a good driving range in higher gears (driving range claimed to be 250 km on a full charge). There are three battery options available here – 13 kWh, 15 kWh, and 18 kWh – and the powertrain gets IP67 dust and water protection. The top speed is claimed to be 160 kmph, with a gradability of 34 per cent, and the towing capacity is rated at 3 tonnes (inclusive of vehicle and occupant weight).

Interestingly, the EV conversion kit isn’t particularly heavy. In fact, at 950 kg, this converted Maruti Dzire EV is only 3 kg heavier than the stock car. All the original equipment, including the instrument cluster, power steering, ABS, Airbags, etc., continue to function as normal. The AC system uses an independent brushless DC motor, and the radiator fan kicks in whenever the battery, electronics, or AC system needs cooling.

Maruti Dzire EV conversion northern motorsports

Although the Government of India has outlawed most vehicle modifications, converting an ICE-powered car into an EV is not illegal. This allows several companies, like e-Trio, to retrofit existing vehicles with electric powertrains and turn them into EVs. With emission norms become more stringent, this is perhaps a great way for the auto industry to move forward.