Meet Curtiss One, A Beautiful Vintage-Style Electric Motorcycle

Curtiss One

Curtiss Motorcycles (former Confederate Motors) has built a lovely, vintage-inspired electric motorcycle, named ‘the One’

Exotic motorcycles have always caught out fancy, but only a few have a design as radical as the Curtiss One! Built by Curtiss Motorcycles, based in Alabama, USA, this motorcycle has a lovely vintage-inspired design, with a lot of steampunk influence in there. It has an electric powertrain underneath, as the future of the automobile industry is electric, after all!

The Curtiss One is based on a Triple Load Path (TLP) monocoque chassis, which the manufacturer states to be inspired by an aircraft. The motorcycle is extremely slim and symmetrical, with a high level of adjustability in the design that makes it feel like a tailor-made motorcycle. The power pack serves as the backbone of the chassis, adding strength to the overall structure.

The power pack also acts as a radiator for the battery cells, which are submerged in a non-conducting coolant inside it. The electric motor is positioned just below the rider seat, and it is connected to the rear wheels via a maintenance-free belt drive. The motorcycle is rated at 87 HP and 162 Nm of steady power and torque, respectively, peaking at 120 HP and 200 Nm.

Curtiss One 2

The motorcycle can be future-proofed for 217 HP and 368 Nm as well; the power output can be tuned via cloud-based software updates. Curtiss One weighs in at 425 lb (192 kg), and it features fully adjustable RaceTech monoshock suspension, at the front as well as the rear. The wheelbase of the motorcycle can be varied from 62 inches to 64 inches (1574.8 mm to 1625.6 mm), thanks to the adjustable front rake angle (from 27o to 31o).

The ground clearance can also be adjusted, between 6 inches and 8 inches (152.4 mm to 203.2 mm). The motorcycle gets Beringer 4D floating cast-iron disc brakes on both wheels, with four-piston Aerotec callipers. Buyers can choose to get either 19-inch Kineo classic wire-spoke wheels or 19-inch carbon fibre wheels.

The price of Curtiss One begins at USD 90,000 (around INR 65.9 lakh), which puts it way out of reach for many. The manufacturer aims to sell 80 units of the motorcycle this year, and then add new models in its lineup – Curtiss Two and Curtiss Three in 2022 and 2024, respectively.