Mattracks Available As Official Accessory For Mahindra Roxor

Mahindra Roxor Mattracks, Price 1

The Mattracks equipped Mahindra Roxor costs USD 33,243 (Rs. 23.08 lakh) which is USD 17,244 (Rs. 11.97 lakh) more than the base version

Lately, Mahindra introduced the automatic variant of the Roxor in the United States market and is priced USD 3,000 more than its manual counterpart. It comes more than two years after Mahindra unveiled the Roxor for the US customers with a huge investment of USD 230 million pertaining to an assembly unit in Auburn Hills, a warehouse and logistics centre in Pontiac and a prototype and engineering facility in Troy, Michigan.

Mahindra, the first Indian OEM to set up operations in Southeast Michigan in over a quarter of a century, offers the Roxor in a number of configurations. Sold in a total of seven colour schemes, the off-roader based on the Thar gets a range of exterior accessories. It can be had in a variety of decals, camos and wraps under 13 combinations.

Additionally, customer can choose between body coloured wheel wells or ROXliner wheel wells. Moreover, the grille can be bought in regular body colour or matte black, matte orange, real-tree or mossy-oak decals. Depending on the requirements, the Mahindra Roxor will be available in standard shocks or Bilstein shock absorber unit.

Mahindra Roxor Mattracks, Price 2

The three tyre options presented are Goodyear, EFX and BF Goodrich besides a slew of choices for wheel, bumper, front hook, winch, stinger, snowplowing, windshield, enclosure, door, front seat cover, rear seat, mirror, handle, grip, side step, front locking hubs, front and rear locking diffs, spare tyre cover, hitch, lighting units, etc.

The ‘off-highway’ vehicle competes against Polaris RZR ATV and Kawasaki Mule Pro as it largely appeals for the farming sector in the US. Perhaps, the most interesting of the accessories sold by Mahindra is the dealer installed Mattracks setup. While the standard Roxor costs USD 15,999 (Rs. 11.10 lakh), the Mattracks fitted version is priced at USD 33,243 (Rs. 23.08 lakh) – USD 17,244 (Rs. 11.97 lakh) more than the base version.

Mahindra Roxor Mattracks, Price

Mattracks is typically used for work and recreational purposes and equipped on vehicles that need to travel over difficult terrain. It is of much help in industries such as mining, drilling, logging, forestry, surveying, power transmission lines and pipeline construction, agricultural, law enforcement, search and rescue, emergency services and government agencies as Mahindra seeks a variety of customers with it.