Massive IAT Kalman SUV Costing Rs. 13 Crore Arrived at 2016 Beijing Motor Show

IAT Kalman SUV introduced in Beijing will make the Hummer H1 and Dartz Kombat look extremely dull

IAT Kalman

The Beijing Motor Show has been known in the years gone by as a place to unveil unusual, weird and bonkers concepts. The home grown automaker IAT just went one better with the Kalman SUV. Designed to make the Hummer H1 and the Dartz Kombat look dull, the Kalman is a mammoth of a utility vehicle stretching at over six metres long.

One might wonder, a SUV of this gigantic proportion will ever be put into production but guess what? If you dare to pay the money asked, you could become one of the owners of the ten models set to be produced by the Chinese company. Let me tell you price it fetches first! A mind bending 12 million RMB or $ 1.85 million or roughly Rs. 13 crore.

IAT Kalman 1

That’s outrageously expensive than the most costlier F-450 Super Duty Platinum model from Ford –about 26 times. Comparing it with the F-450 does make quite some sense as it’s been reported by Chinese website, Auto Sina, that the Kalman SUV is built with underpinnings from the production-spec aforementioned Ford pickup. It gets power from the Blue Oval’s massive 6.8-litre Triton V10 petrol motor which is capable of pushing out a maximum power output of 367 PS.

IAT Kalman 3

The Kalman SUV has more curves than you could ever imagine and it has somewhat identical interior to the F-150 pickup truck. The heavily customised model has gold interior accents and the surfaces are adorned with black leather or alcantara besides plenty of wooden touches. It can seat up to four persons and the rear occupant gets Rolls Royce inspired headliner, fridge, tablet holders, matching teacups and so on.

IAT Kalman 2

It is definitely an offspring of the Lexus LF-NX concept, which is indeed an extreme take on the L-Finesse design ethos, going by the looks. The IAT Auto was established in the earlier years of last decade and it came into life at the 2010 edition of the Beijing Motor Show by introducing three new design studies. The brand endorses itself as a high-tech enterprise focussing on automotive development but it remains to be seen whether it can put together all the pieces in the puzzle to roll the SUV off the production lines.

IAT Kalman SUV Image Gallery

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