Maserati MC20 Makes Way to Indian Shores, Bookings Open

Maserati MC20 Front 3 Quarters

Maserati has started accepting bookings for its Lamborghini Huracan rivalling  MC20 mid-engined supercar in India

The Maserati MC20 is confirmed to go on sale in the Indian market. However, it will be sold in very limited numbers. The carmaker has started accepting bookings for its mid-engined supercar for now, while the deliveries are likely to begin by early next year. This has been possible for the Italian firm by making a partnership with a company of Indian origin. Also, invitations for bookings have been sent to prospective customers.

Italian supercars are generally known for their impressive designs and ravishing silhouettes, and the case is no different here. The MC20 looks gorgeous with a hunkered-down poise. The headlamp design looks elegant, and the Maserati-typical grille merges well with the front lip. The mass-forward appeal is the courtesy of a mid-engine layout.

The lines are smooth, and there’s hardly anything to spot that comes up as an eyesore. The rear spoiler isn’t massive either and gives the Maserati MC20 a thorough supercar appeal.

Maserati MC20 Front 3 Quarters

The Maserati MC20 is the brand’s first supercar in the last 20 years to feature an in-house developed engine. This power plant is named Nettuno, which comes from the Roman god Neptune, whose trident is also the inspiration behind the Italian carmaker’s logo. The Nettuno is designed to displace 3 litres of air-fuel mixture with forced induction in 6 cylinders, placed in a V6 fashion.

Moreover, it gets twin turbochargers to help it breathe a little denser air. The MC20’s motor can push out 630 Hp of peak power and 730 Nm of max torque. These numbers are filtered to the rear wheels of the Maserati MC20 via an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. With such figures on MC20’s side, Maserati is claiming a 0-100 kmph sprint in just 2.9 seconds, while the top speed stands at 325 kmph.

Maserati MC 20 Interior

On the inside, the minimalistic theme is quite noticeable. The MC20 gets two 10-inch displays. One of which works as an instrument console, while another does duties as an infotainment unit. Moreover, with the latter being a touch-enabled system, Maserati has managed to reduce the number of buttons in the cabin. Talking of its rivals, the Maserati MC20 will compete with the Lamborghini Huracan in the Indian market.