Maruti Suzuki’s ‘Quick Response Team on Bikes’ Will Open A New Chapter In The Field of RSA


Maruti Suzuki India ltd, the most popular car manufacturer of India, will launch a unique customer-focused service on 24 August 2018. Dubbed as ‘Quick Response Team on Bikes’, this new initiative will open a new chapter in the field of road-side assistance.

Largely a first-of-its-kind road side assistance service, the new Quick Response Team on Bikes will enable Maruti Suzuki technicians to quickly reach the affected car on a motorcycle. This service is likely to turn out to be very useful in the urban environment, where service vans often take too much time to reach the affected car owing to traffic congestion.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, like most other car manufacturers in India, offers road side assistance to its customers. In case of a breakdown or other technical exigencies, Maruti Suzuki owners can call a helpline number to ask for assistance by a team of expert technicians that reach the affected car using dedicated service vans.

Now, as a part of the upcoming Quick Response Teams on Bikes, the service team can quickly reach the stranded Maruti Suzuki customer. In case the affected car needs a major repair work, the deputed technician can arrange for a tow vehicle by contacting the service centre. We think that this initiative will enrich the ownership experience of Maruti Suzuki customers.

All Maruti Suzuki cars will be serviceable by the Quick Response Teams on Bikes. While specifics will be released only on the day of the launch, we think that this new initiative will be a part of the company’s road side assistance service instead of being a standalone entity. Also, this highly practical service is likely to cover all Maruti Suzuki models out there irrespective of their age and make. Stay tuned to Gaadiwaadi for a full report on the upcoming ownership-enhancing service by the company.