Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, Hyundai Santro Awarded 2 Stars In Global NCAP

crash test wagon r 2019 santro

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R and Hyundai Santro scored just two stars in Global NCAP crash tests as they performed poorly in adult and child protection assessments

Global NCAP tested the 1.0-litre LXi entry-level variant of the Wagon R in its latest round of crash tests. For adult protection, it managed to score only 6.93 points out of 17 while one third of the maximum 49 points available for child occupant protection category was awarded. Just as the Ertiga, the Wagon R was found to have an unstable bodyshell integrity overall.

Only the safety of the driver and front passenger was rated to be good but the chest protection was evaluated to be weak and the leg protection stood at marginal level. In short, the tall hatchback was assessed to be incapable of withstanding further loadings and the pedal displacement would risk the lower part of the driver’s legs whilst involved in a crash.

During the child occupant protection tests, the restraint system failed on impact as the dummy’s head slammed hard onto the front seat. The head protection of the 18-month child dummy was rated good but the same cannot be said for the chest protection as it was found to be vulnerable. The Wagon R was one among the four cars tested by Global NCAP and none of them scored any satisfactory ratings.

crash test wagon r

This proves that despite mandating airbags, strengthening the structure and introducing more safety features as standard are essential to protect the driver as well as occupants. Hyundai revived the santro nameplate in late 2018 and it received the same two-star rating as the Wagon R while the Datsun Redi Go managed a single star and the Ertiga with just three stars.

All these four models comply with the latest crash test regulations mandated for India but on a global scale they have failed to secure any meaningful ratings. Therefore, it can be stressed that the norms have to be stricter further to avoid fatalities during accidents.

crash test 2019 santro

The Wagon R even sticks by the frontal crash and pedestrian crash standards that came into effect from this month onwards locally. The Santro could not fare any better than the Wagon R as the bodyshell was rated unstable along with the footwell.

The chest protection was on the weak side for the driver and the front passenger on a marginal level. The neck and head protection tests ended up showing decent assessment results but the child protection was also on the poor side with just two stars.

crash test santro

Since Hyundai does not recommend child restraint system at all, the test dummy showed excessive movement upon impact.