Maruti Suzuki Tops JD Power CSI for Record 16th Consecutive year


Maruti Suzuki Tops JD Power CSI for the 16th year in a row

Manufacturers are making sure that cars run clean and green despite the fact the cars are gone from their showroom. Thanks to strict government regulations. Car makers are making sure their products are high on quality and wear and tear is kept well in check. However, this leads to competition on who does it best.

Nissan has been ruling the roost worldwide while other manufacturers aren’t far behind, but it’s Maruti in India who sells the most small cars around the has more chances to service its car and hence it has a set world record doing the same.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Crossover-5
Maruti Suzuki Tops JD Power CSI Continuously for 16th Year

Key points suggest that companies have notifying customers for routine maintenance has improved. The survey shows that 86 percent of customers indicate they were reminded about vehicle servicing via phone, letter or SMS/ text in 2015, which is up from 79 percent in 2014. Delivering of clean vehicle post service—an important driver of satisfaction—has improved by 5% points from 2014.

Survey also shows that more than half (51%) of customers indicate they are finished with the paperwork and are ready up the vehicle within 10 minutes after servicing, which ends up improving overall satisfaction by 22 points.

All of this means another number study says that nearly twice as many customers who are highly satisfied (satisfaction scores of 977 or higher) say they “definitely would” recommend their service dealer to family and friends. The scores of 797 or lower 93% vs. 38%, respectively are for dissatisfaction.

Maruti Suzuki Tops JD Power 2016

Study Rankings suggest that and this was Maruti steps in. Maruti Suzuki ranks highest in satisfaction with after-sales customer service among mass market brands for a 16th consecutive year, with a score of 906. Maruti Suzuki performs well across all factors, with the greatest improvements in service initiation followed by service facility.

Honda City India 2015
Honda at 880 points, ranks second

Honda at 880 points, ranks second and it’s the most improved nameplate in the study. The 2015 India Customer Service Index Study is said to be based on evaluations from 7,468 vehicle owners.

The study was kept in between specific dates and in this case it started from May through August 2015 and it also includes owners who purchased their vehicle between May 2013 and August 2014. Maruti has been known to keep customers happy and the second is Honda and is no surprise they ace the numbers chart as well.

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