Maruti Suzuki Swift’s Custom LED Tail Lamp Tastefully Changes The Looks

swift with aftermarket taillamp-1

There are many aftermarket accessories available for the all-new Swift in India and few of them completely change the way the hatchback looks

There is no doubt over the popularity of the Maruti Suzuki Swift in India. The hatchback was launched in an all-new avatar last year, and it is already on the top section of the sales chart. Even though there are many official accessories available at the dealerships, many prefer to add a different look to their beloved car. Here is one such aftermarket accessory that can totally make the all-new Swift stand out from the crowd.

The aftermarket tail lamps shown in the video are from the brand Crystal Eye, and they can cost between Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 15,000 depending on the location. The lights can be installed by any of the local garages or by anyone who has the tools to fix the lights. It is a pretty straightforward installation.

Full LED tail lamps are quite standard in the motorcycles nowadays, but only a few vehicles offer LED tail lamps in the affordable segment. This particular custom tail lamp set for the Swift looks extremely good and to make it look sleeker than the stock version, the boundaries have been blacked out.

The tail lamp itself gets some elements in it. There are main LED stop lamp in outward C-shape and indicators, and a reverse lamp positioned below the main brake lamp. The indicators are dynamic just like the high-end Audi cars and the pattern look quite good.

It should be noted that installing such aftermarket lamps may void the warranty if it involves splicing of the wires. One should always check with the local service centre before installing such aftermarket products or wait for the warranty to get over.

The top-end of the Maruti Suzuki Swift get the LED projector headlamps with DRLs, and they look quite premium on the car. It should be noted that Maruti Suzuki provides a range of aftermarket accessories including a cover for the tail lamp to add an aggressive look to the vehicle. There are many other accessories available for the popular hatchback in India.