Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified To Look Like MINI Cooper

Maruti Suzuki Swift Modified To Look Like MINI Cooper

The all-new Maruti Suzuki Swift looks very good in stock form, a few modifications were done to it make it look even better and unique

Maruti launched the all-new Swift in the Indian market last year. The popular hatchback based on the all-new HEARTECT platform look very sharp even in the stock form. For long, Maruti Suzuki Swift has been associated with the iconic design of the MINI Cooper and in some ways, it does looks like the MINI Cooper. In the past, many modified Swift hatchbacks are given the MINI Cooper treatment. Here is another one based on the new-generation Swift.

This modified job is from Bhilwara, Rajasthan but it looks more like the Suzuki Swift Sport, which is the performance version of the vehicle and is available in many international markets. The changes done to the vehicle make it look very unique and it stands out completely from the stock Maruti Suzuki Swift in India.

To start with, it gets a matte orange wrap that changes the whole look of the vehicle. It gets a dual-tone colour and the top of the vehicle gets the black shade that also includes the pillars of the vehicle. It looks quite good with the new age wrap job. The exterior modifications include a new LED tail lamp with the black insert that adds the sporty touch to the hatchback.

It also gets a set of aftermarket tyres that add an aggressive stance to the vehicle. At the front, the Swift gets an aftermarket grille that is inspired by the Swift Sport grille. It is much bigger than the stock grille and gets a thick black bar running across.

There is also a body kit that includes a front bumper splitter, side skirts and a roof-mounted rear spoiler, which is also wrapped in the matte orange wrap. There are quite a few changes on the inside too. The dashboard gets an orange highlight, which makes it colour-coordinated with the exterior wrap job. Even the seats get aftermarket covers with orange highlights.

Modifications have been banned in India by the Supreme Court but there are not specific details on which all modifications have been banned. It should be noted that changing the colour of the vehicle in India is illegal. However, one can always add wraps to the vehicle that add a new look to the vehicle while keeping the original paint untouched.