Maruti Suzuki ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters Series For Jimny Owners Begins


Maruti Suzuki ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters championship was launched on January 27 in Delhi, followed by Chandigarh the subsequent week

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has officially concluded the North zone qualifying leg of the ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ championship today. The event was launched on January 27 in Delhi, followed by Chandigarh the subsequent week. This championship is tailored specifically for Jimny owners who have a passion for off-road adventures and are eager to hone their skills in this domain.

It aims to unite adventure enthusiasts with a shared passion, providing a platform for them to push the limits of their Jimny’s off-road capabilities on rugged terrains. The recently concluded North zone qualifying leg witnessed a remarkable turnout in both Delhi and Chandigarh, acting as a testament to the enthusiasm and fervour of participants eager to take on tough off-road challenges.

Speaking about the completion of ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ North zone qualifying leg, Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, “At Maruti Suzuki, we strive to offer top-tier SUVs to our clientele and cultivate a community of avid drivers who crave adventure and discovery. The ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ epitomizes our dedication to innovation, customer involvement, and providing extraordinary experiences.”

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The Jimny stands as a quintessential purpose-driven SUV, boasting a heritage steeped in conquering uncharted terrain. With the 4X4 Masters championship, Jimny owners across India are provided a platform to unleash the full potential of their SUV in a competitive environment. The championship is divided into two phases: qualifiers and the grand finale. Qualifiers are conducted across 8 cities and the season culminates with a grand finale held in Goa, where top performers from the qualifiers compete for the ultimate title.

At the event, JIMNY owners can participate in two categories: stock vehicles and modified vehicles. During the qualifiers, participants must navigate through 8 challenges, known as Special Stages (SS), spread across two days of competition. The Special Stages are crafted to assess participants’ off-road driving skills while prioritising safety and vehicle preservation.

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These stages aim to minimise penalties and avoid vehicle damage, evaluating drivers’ familiarity with their vehicles and their physical capabilities in performing recovery activities like manual winching. Through these challenges, awareness about safe off-roading practices is fostered. The Special Stages cover a diverse range of terrains, including ascents, descents, and undulating landscapes.

Participants undergo evaluation by an impartial panel of supervisors, consisting of seasoned members from the Indian off-roading community. The top performer from each category in the qualifiers will advance to the grand finale, scheduled to occur in Goa on March 23, 2024. In addition to other prizes, the top two winners will have the opportunity to partake in global off-roading events.

The first leg of the qualifiers in Delhi saw Manav Arya and Shantanu Grover emerged victorious in the stock and modified categories respectively. In the Chandigarh qualifiers, Gurmeet Virdi claimed victory in the modified category while Mankaran Singh Bhambra secured the top spot in the stock category. The upcoming qualifier rounds will be held in Shillong, Hyderabad, Vagamon, Bengaluru, and Mumbai & Pune, leading up to the grand finale in Goa.

The ‘ROCK N’ ROAD 4X4 Masters’ represents the subsequent phase of Maruti Suzuki’s recently launched ‘ROCK N’ ROAD SUV Experiences’. Tailored for Maruti Suzuki SUV owners, these experiences offer specially curated driving adventures. The inaugural segment, dubbed ‘ROCK N’ ROAD Expeditions’, commenced its journey in January from Chandigarh as a convoy of 14 Maruti Suzuki Jimny SUVs navigated through picturesque mountain terrain, ultimately reaching the stunning destination of Spiti.