Maruti Suzuki Gypsy Digitally Imagined As A 6×6 Off-Road Truck

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy 6x6 rendering front angle

This digitally modified Maruti Gypsy 6×6 off-road truck is an outlandish concept, and personally speaking, quite a brilliant one too

Maruti Gypsy was first introduced in India back in 1985, and it remained on sale until 2019. Based on the second-generation Suzuki Jimny, it was quite an iconic vehicle. The ‘Gypsy’ nameplate is expected to return to the Indian market in 2022, as a five-door version of the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny.

Here, we have digitally-rendered images, created by Vishnu Suresh, that show what the old Maruti Gypsy would look like if it were a 6×6 off-road truck. The vehicle looks absolutely bonkers, with plenty of digital modifications worth noticing. The most obvious change is the addition of an extra axle and two extra tyres at the rear, with a massive lift kit and gigantic knobby tyres.

The front end of the vehicle gets an off-road spec bumper, with integrated bull bars and two towing hooks. There are two auxiliary lamps and an LED light bar mounted on the bumper. A snorkel has also been added to the vehicle, for improved water wading capabilities, and there are rock sliders on both sides of the car.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy 6x6 rendering rear angle

This digitally customised Gypsy has been given a single-cab design, with the rear bed section being stretched a little, to make space for the extra axle. The external roll cage looks lovely with chrome finish, and gets a set of auxiliary lights mounted at the top. At the rear, the bumper has been replaced by a simple bar, and we also see a pair of custom aftermarket lights here.

The tailgate opens sideways and has a spare wheel mounted on it, just like the original. Overall, this off-road truck concept looks brilliant, and we wish there was a real-life version of this somewhere (custom builders, please take note!). As for the stock Maruti Gypsy, it used to be powered by a 1.3-litre petrol engine, which could generate a peak power of 81 PS and a maximum torque of 103 Nm.

There was a 5-speed manual transmission on offer, along with a 4×4 system (with a low ratio transfer case). Due to its brilliant off-road capabilities and affordable price tag, it was quite a popular vehicle among off-road enthusiasts, rally drivers, and even the police and military. In fact, Maruti Suzuki is still under production in a limited capacity, but exclusively for the Indian army.