Maruti ‘Suzuki Connect’ Launched In India; Features Explained

Maruti Suzuki Connect India Launched; Features Explained

Existing and new Nexa customers can experience Suzuki Connect that can be bought for Rs. 9,999 (all taxes included) with three year subscription

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has today introduced a brand new technology solution dubbed ‘Suzuki Connect’. Exclusive for the Nexa customers, the advanced telematics focusses on enhancing convenience via emergency alerts, live vehicle status, preventive maintenance calls, driving behaviour analysis, driving analytics report, car assistance and vehicle tracking.

The ‘Suzuki Connect’ was developed and tested in India to offer seamless connected car experience, taking into account all the challenges faced by car buyers with an extensive countrywide study. The TCU based solution is available as an option and can be installed by customers via Nexa outlets. It can be connected with smartphone through the Nexa application.

Existing and new Nexa customers using iOS and Android platform based smartphones can experience Suzuki Connect that can be bought for Rs. 9,999 (all taxes included) with three year subscription. The major benefits are listed: 1. In case of an emergency situation where the airbags will have to be deployed, TCU (Telematics Control Unit) detects it automatically and sends alert to user’s family or friends along with vehicle details and GPS coordinates.

2. Vehicle Tracking function enables real-time features such as tow-away alert, Geofencing and navigation of parked vehicle, live location sharing, etc. It enables the vehicle not to get lost in any kind of situation we often find ourselves in. The app can be configured to send information for upto 5 selected users in case of emergency during probable accident situations.

Maruti ‘Suzuki Connect’ Features_

3. The proactive Preventive Assistance system senses vehicle malfunctioning and MSIL’s customer care unit will inform the customer immediately before providing any needed assistance. The parameters under surveillance are fuel filter warning light, electric power steering light, engine oil pressure light, airbag light, braking system warning light, engine coolant temperature light, etc.

4. Analysing customers’ driving behaviour through the car’s fuel economy, comfort and safety aspects and trip details, the connected car solution provides necessary feedback that would help in maintenance, as well as increasing user experience by helping them improve behind the wheel. His/her driving parameters will be scrutinised and rated out of 100 score. Moreover, 10 trip datas will be consolidated for reliability on longer term.


5. Low fuel alerts, over speeding alerts, live vehicle status checks for seat belt, AC, and odometer value will also be assessed through Suzuki Connect among several other functions.

The app also gives reminder of when the servicing is due via accurate measurement of the odometer. The ‘Geofencing’ facility selects and sets five boundary areas of the vehicle at a time, and receives alert when the car crosses theses designated points. it can also be customised by setting a rectangular or circular boundary.

When Suzuki Connect detects movement of your car from a parked position when ignition is off, you will receive tow-away alert. At the touch of a button, vehicle statuses like AC on/off indication, fuel level and average percentage, seatbelt status, last trip summary, odometer reading, ignition status, battery voltage and so on will be notified.

Maruti Suzuki says the ‘Suzuki Connect’ solution is deeply embedded and hard to tamper. Over 2,800 technicians are trained to install the equipment at Nexa as it utilises a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) for exchanging information through cellular network with a centralised server connected to NEXA customer care.