Maruti Suzuki Chairman Questions Rationality of Delhi Car Ban

NGT Ban Stays On Diesel Vehicles

Maruti Suzuki chairman Mr. Bhargava questions rationality of Delhi car ban that directly affected lives of car owners

National Green Tribunal has banned 15 year old petrol cars and 10 year old diesel cars in Delhi and NCR. The ruling has been given to curb the rising pollution level in the national capital and adjacent regions. But Maruti Suzuki Chairman R C Bhargava is not sure, whether this ban will reduce the air pollution in the region or not.

Mr. Bhargava questions the rationality of sudden banning of the decade old cars in Delhi and NCR. It has directly impacted on the lives of the affected car owners and the auto industry as well. He says, what has been an asset for the families till now, has suddenly become a scrap. Incidentally, the ban by NGT affects around 2 lakh car owners in the region.


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While the NGT has banned the 15 year old petrol and 10 year old diesel cars from plying in the national capital and adjacent areas, the Supreme Court has also banned the 2000 cc diesel engines. But a study by IIT Kanpur shows, the cars are responsible for the air pollution by only 2.2%. Therefore the ban on cars wouldn’t change the scenario to a larger scale.


Mr. Bhargava believes the affected car owners should have given a chance before scrapping their old cars. In this way, NGT’s ruling has directly impacted on the people’s lives, occupations. But he also believes, this decision won’t impact the car sales of Maruti Suzuki. The Indo Japanese automaker will continue selling cars as it has been doing.


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Incidentally, Delhi and NCR is at the 11th position in the list of most polluted cities in the world. Air pollution level in the region is 35% higher than the normal level, as per WHO reports. In recent months it has been a topic of discussion and concern for the government authorities and the apex court of India as well. In recent months to curb the pollution level Delhi government has implemented the odd even rule in two phases. Also the Supreme Court banned the diesel run taxis in the region, which was revoked later.

Source: ET Auto