Maruti Dzire Breaks Several Barricades In Lockdown – CCTV Video

Maruti Dzire Breaks Several Barricades In Lockdown

A driver of old Maruti Dzire tried to cross through Madhya Pradesh to enter UP border by breaking several police barricades until he had to stop due to tyre bursts, booked under several sections

The entire country is under a lockdown since March 24, wherein citizens of all parts of nation are prohibited from leaving their homes unless under some extraordinary circumstances such as a medical emergency. Any type of vehicular movement is not allowed and the cops have been instructed to deal with a lot of strictness with the violators.

However, there have been several cases around the country where the citizens have simply refused to accept the importance of the lockdown. So far, there have been at least a handful of cases where the residents of various cities have tried to use their vehicle on the public roads. This incident from Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh, is the latest example of brazen violation of the lockdown.

As can be seen in a video that has been made through a compilation of CCTV footages, a white first-gen Maruti Dzire that was being driven at a very high speed breaks through a police interception even as the cops try to stop him by throwing their batons at the car. Next, the same car can be seen hitting a stray dog before driving through another police barricade.

The speed of the car can be estimated by the fact that it sends the canine flying to the end of the road on hitting it. Finally, the Dzire can be seen coming to a halt after losing control. Later, in an interview to the media, a police officer reveals that the driver of the car is a resident of UP, who was trying to return to his hometown from Maharashtra, and, in the process, not only violated the lockdown and curfew but even broke through several police barricades.

The culprit has finally been booked under several sections of the IPC for rash driving, violation of section 144 and more. The recent case is a clear example of not only a clear violation of the nation-wide lockdown but also how some citizens are taking the entire situation lightly. Like we said, any type of vehicular movement is completely banned but still, in case of an emergency, one can venture out after taking the necessary permissions.