Maruti Celerio Get’s Airbag and ABS as Options on All Variants

2015 Datsun Airbag Go Go+

Maruti Celerio Get’s Airbag And ABS as the company set to offer all cars with safety features

Maruti is always making sure it stays in the number one spot that it holds for selling the largest numbers of cars in India by a huge margin over the competition. As trends continue to change, it tends to offer the same to woo customers to the showroom. At a time quality was required it was given by the company, then came in features, style and now safety. All demands are being met by the company to make sure it customers are satisfied and have less room to complain.

To continue with that, Maruti has to big steps and this is one of them. Celerio is the car, which Maruti is heavily banking to be a success as it replaced to ageing cars of the past. The cars, which clearly had nothing to offer over the competition now has everything. After loaded with features and top-end getting safety features, it is time every variant gets.

Maruti Celerio Diesel interior

Maruti has done the same with it and it is offering dual airbags and ABS on all variants as option. No matter whatever variant you choose, you can order dual airbags and ABS. Petrol or diesel, every engine option and every variant of it makes sure you have these features if you want too.

Maruti Celerio Diesel Test Drive Review

Competition is also to get very tough indeed as the highly impressive Tata Zica is here, which looks very promising on paper. Maruti will is also fighting on the top-end with the new Renault Kwid and other small cars that are set to come in and exist such as the Chevrolet Beat which is quite an good option in the category.

2015 Maruti Celerio Petrol ABS & Airbag Variant

Celerio LXi MT (O) – Rs. 4.17 lakhs
Celerio LXi AMT (O) – Rs. 4.67 Lakhs
Celerio VXi MT (O) – Rs. 4.47 Lakhs
Celerio VXi AMT (O) – Rs. 4.97 Lakhs
Celerio Green VXi (O) – Rs. 5.04 Lakhs
Celerio ZXi AMT (O) – Rs. 5.20 Lakhs

2015 Maruti Celerio Diesel ABS & Airbag

Celerio LDi (O) – Rs. 4.92 Lakhs
Celerio VDi (O) – Rs. 5.22 Lakhs

All prices ex-showroom, Delhi

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