Maruti 800 Modified With A Wide-Body Kit And Fancy Interior

modified maruti 800 exterior

Check out this customised Maruti 800, which gets an all-black exterior, sporty body kit, and pretty-looking interior trim

Maruti 800, an iconic vehicle introduced back in December 1983, was the first truly affordable car in India. The 800 had a production run of 33 years, and was the best-selling vehicle in our market until 2004, when Maruti Alto overtook its popularity. The car was discontinued in 2014, due to the stringent emission regulations. Still, the vehicle continues to enjoy a cult status in India, with some people still owning and maintaining one in their garage even today.

Here, we have a beautifully modified Maruti 800, wearing a custom body kit. The video below, posted by a YouTube channel named Dajish P, shows us this vehicle in all its glory. There are plenty of changes to the exterior and interior of the vehicle, which we shall discuss in detail. The vehicle sports an all-black exterior paint, and front end of this modified 800 features a new grille along with round LED headlamps.

The front bumper is custom-built and features a split mesh for the air dam and a splitter at the bottom. The bonnet gets external pin-type locks, and an electric sunroof has also been added to the car. At the sides, we see flared wheel arches, which gives this 800 a widebody stance. The car sports custom 13-inch steel wheels, with 175/50 tyres shod on them.

The track width of the vehicle has been increased, and it has been given negative camber as well. At the rear, we see new taillamps, a custom bicycle rack, and a custom rear bumper. The car also gets a custom exhaust system, with dual end pipes. As for the interior, it’s as impressive as the exterior.

The seats, door panels, and roof liner are all red in colour, which looks extremely attractive. Bucket seats have been installed in the front row, while the rear row gets regular bench seats. This modified car also has a Sparco gearshift level, and a massive woofer has also been installed in the boot. A fire extinguisher has also been mounted on the passenger side A-pillar.

modified maruti 800 interior

There don’t seem to be any changes to the engine or transmission, except for the new exhaust, which gives this car a bass-heavy sound. Maruti 800 used to have a 0.8-litre, naturally aspirated, inline-3 engine, which could generate 37 HP and 59 Nm. It was available with a 4-speed manual gearbox only (a limited edition 5-speed version also existed for a brief time).