Man Finds Car After 20 Years In A Forgotten Parking Lot

1992 Volkswagen Golf (man finds car after 20 years)

A man in Germany has found his lost car after 20 years; he forgot the parking spot of the vehicle leading to the utter confusion

There are always unusual and unique things happening around us. Here is something that is very much unusual. A 76 year old man in Germany has found his long lost car after 20 years. The man parked the vehicle someplace in Frankfurt back in 1997 and simply forgot the parking place. He assumed that it got stolen and lodged a police complaint.

Now 76, the man has finally found his lost vehicle when the police tracked down the missing car at the exact place, where he parked it exactly 20 years ago. It was found in a garage in an old industrial building in Frankfurt, which is to be demolished soon. However, the vehicle was in pretty bad condition.

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The vehicle was found as out of working condition and completely rusted, resulting it to be scrapped by the city authorities. The incident is something similar to another case took place in Germany. In that event, a man found his vehicle after two years. The man forgot the parking place of his car as he was heavily drunk.

In that event, the man reported the car as missing and finally police found it 4 kilometer away. Interestingly, the car had €40,000 in cash in the boot of the vehicle and also tools worth of €50,000. Well not only Germany, but in England too a man lost his car in Manchester. The man was from Scotland and he searched his vehicle for 5 days before giving up. He lodged a complaint to police mentioning the car had been stolen.

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Exactly six months after that police found the vehicle at the same spot, where he parked the vehicle. That Scottish man had to pay a hefty £5,000 in fine payment. Clearly forgetting is something he had to pay for dearly.
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