Mahindra TUV300 Details Unveiled, Launch in September [with Video]

Mahindra TUV300

Mahindra TUV300 will come with one engine option, launch in September, will rival Ecosport

Mahindra is finally announced the details of its upcoming compact-SUV, the TUV300. Yes, this is the name of the upcoming SUV from Mahindra. Based on a completely new platform the TUV300 is set to be the compact SUV from the one of the largest SUV makers in the country. At the event Mahindra announced the name and the engine branding that will be used for TUV300. The engine branding with Mhawk 80. Similar, but not identical to rest of the SUV in the stable.

Mahindra TUV300 battle tank

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Mahindra answered a lot of questions from the media and the response was not quite revealing. Whether the TUV300 will be a monocoque or a ladder on frame chassis. The engine will be or three-cylinder or four-cylinder remain unknown.

mahindra tuv300 side

What we is that it will two-wheel drive vehicle as of now and the same platform future vehicles will get four-wheel drive, but not the TUV300. If its monocoque it will be a FWD, but if its ladder on frame it will be RWD.

mahindra TUV300 india -1

Mahindra said that their focus with this vehicle will be more on urban markets and rural will follow automatically as always. Mahindra says it is aware of cannibalization and it will not let that happen. They say despite many SUV in stable, cannibalization never happened and it won’t happen with this one too.

mahindra TUV300 india -2

Coming to the styling, which was explained in all of its glory says that the Mahindra TUV300 design has been inspired by a battle tank. Pininfarina has been a consultant partner for the design, which speaks a lot about the product already as the global marquee making one of the stunning designs in the world. One can easily see in the sketches how the shoulder and side profile of the SUV is very battle tank alike and sharp at the same time.

Overall shape remains boxy of the Mahindra TUV300 to squeeze out maximum space for passengers. All of the engineering has been done at Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai with one of top minds in the country. Yet again Mahindra says their proud and confident about the product. We think the product has what it takes as Mahindra has learned a lot from their mistakes over the past and the New Age and Generation XUV and Scorpio are clear signs of good quality products at affordable prices.

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