Mahindra Thar VS 5-Door Thar.e Concept – Key Differences


Mahindra recently showcased the Thar.e electric concept preparing the ground for its new streak of battery-powered cars. Let’s see how it is different from the ICE Thar

Mahindra Thar enjoys a cult following in the Indian market and it is quite evident by the long waiting period even after 3 years of its launch. While the Thar 5-Door is also on the cards, the Indian SUV maker recently unveiled the Thar.e concept which is the fully electric version of the lifestyle vehicle. The launch of the EV is still a long time away, but before that, let’s see how the future SUV sets itself apart from the current range.

Mahindra Thar VS Thar.e Concept: Underpinnings


The current Mahindra Thar uses a ladder frame construction which lends it the ultimate off-road capabilities. However, the Thar.e will skip the conventional setup for an advanced electric-specific skateboard architecture which goes by the name INGLO-P1.

mahindra Thar RWD-4

This platform will be shared with the brand’s other upcoming electric offering, but for the Thar, it has been optimised to retain the off-road appeal. Furthermore, expect the ground clearance to be up in the final production model as it is quite evident in the concept version.

Mahindra Thar VS Thar.e Concept: Exterior Design and Interiors

What we see in the pictures is still a concept and there will be a lot of changes in the final production version. Moreover, the concept sports a 5-door setup and we are yet to see the 5-door ICE Thar in reality. Overall, the Thar.e’s design is quite modern while retaining the boxy upright stance for which the Thar is known for.


As opposed to the round headlamps at the front, the electric SUV sports square headlights with 3 vertical light bars on the blanked-off front grille followed by the sharply squared-off wheel arches and chunky bumpers at both ends.


Inside the cabin, the Thar electric looks quite clean and luxurious which is surely missing the current range. However, the practicality and rugged nature will definitely be retained in the final production model of the EV.

Mahindra Thar VS Thar.e Concept: Powertrain

The current Thar gets a petrol and diesel engine option mated to both manual as well as automatic gearbox options. On the other hand, the electric Thar will get a dual motor setup but the exact battery and power specs are not known. We expect a real-world range of around 400-500 kilometres on a single charge with the EV SUV.


On the drivetrain front, the four-wheel drive capabilities will be retained in the Thar.e and the power distribution to both axles will be done by a well-tuned electronic system with dedicated off-road modes.