Mahindra Thar Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong; Never Drive Like This!

mahindra thar accident

A new video of some youngsters doing stunts on the new Mahindra Thar recently went viral on the internet and it shows how you should not do it

The new Mahindra Thar is appreciated for its improved practicality, new cabin, better capabilities, and strong powertrain. The SUV not only grew in size but also offers betters looks and a strong road presence. However, it still is a tall and heavy machine and should be driven with utmost care.

Here is a video that shows us why it is extremely important to be responsible behind the wheels of the Thar. The viral video of youngsters trying to recreate some scenes from a new Bhojpuri song recently took the attention of the Jharkhand police after which a formal complaint was registered at the Gaddopur Pethia, Tajpur police station.

The youngsters were driving a soft-top Mahindra Thar inside an open park and started taking tight turns at high speeds. The SUV rolled over to its side, throwing out the occupants of the car. The accident left more than 6 youngsters seriously injured while the others suffered some minor injuries.

Those with serious injuries from the accident were admitted to the hospital. The Mahindra Thar soft-top gets a well-laid out and functional roll cage to ensure the safety of the passengers in case of a rollover. However, this only works when the occupants inside are belted properly.

From what we know so far, the accident happened on 15th August during the 75th Independence day celebrations. The reports also tell us that all the youngsters were reportedly drunk and were partying at the spot before the incident. The police are currently investigating the matter. We might see the police taking some action against these youngsters in the next few days or weeks.

It is not the first time that we have seen such a video getting viral and youngsters performing dangerous stunts is very common nowadays. It is however worth noting that these stunts can lead to dangerous accidents that might also get fatal in some cases. It is extremely important for us to behave responsibly behind the wheel of the car.