Mahindra Thar 6X6 Crossland Looks Like It Comes Straight From America

Mahindra Thar 6X6 Crossland Front 3 Quarters

Forget the 6X6 iterations of the Raptor and the Wrangler, here’s our desi-offroader ‘Mahindra Thar’ showing off its best in a 6X6 avatar

Mahindra Thar is now sold in its second-gen avatar, and it dons a very appealing silhouette. Nevertheless, it looks American from certain angles, but Mahindra designers have managed to some distinctions between the Thar and its American cousin. Modified examples of the new-gen Thar are quite a common sight now, as everyone wants to make their Thar look the best.

Well, we came across a digitally modified example that tops our list of best-looking Thars. It seems to be taking a lot more inspiration from the Americans than the original model, as it now sits a now higher off the ground. Also, it gets a total of three axles, making it a 6X6. This rendering comes from Bozz Autoconcepts and is called Thar 6X6 Crossland.

Staring with the changes, the Thar 6X6 Crossland gets a redesigned front face with a new grille and bumper. The latter also houses a winch. The bonnet also gets a massive scoop. Over to the sides, the increment in length and the addition of another axle are the most noticeable changes. Also, a tactical roll cage is added here, which houses a roof rack on the top.

Mahindra Thar 6X6 Crossland Rear 3 Quarters

The roof rack also gets floodlights and a staircase so that it is accessible. Moreover, a rock slider can be seen here with a set of market lamps. The antennae seen on the stock vehicle is particularly small, but the Crossland concept gets a longer one. Well, it sits way too above the ground. In fact, we are sure that it can cross any obstacle with ease.

The designer has also replaced the independent front suspension with a sturdier solid axle. Furthermore, the stock rims are replaced with off-road spec units that also feature bead locks. These rims are wrapped in humongous MT tyres.

Mahindra Thar 6X6 Crossland Fender

Around the rear face, the changes are limited to an off-road bumper itself. Since this is a digitally modified example, nothing can be said about the mechanical upgrades. However, the Thar would need a bigger & powerful engine with these modifications in a real-world scenario. Currently, it is offered with a 2.0L turbo-petrol motor and a 2.2L turbo-diesel engine.