Mahindra Scorpio N Sunroof Gets New Update In India – Details

mahindra scorpio n sunroof update

Mahindra updated their latest Scorpio N sunroof by adding foam paddings to cover the hollow portion near the drain hole

Ever since the viral video of its sunroof leaking, the Mahindra Scorpio N has been buzzing on the internet. The video showed how the sunroof leaked when placed under a high-pressure waterfall, as the Mahindra Scorpio N’s interior can be seen getting thoroughly wet.

Mahindra responded by simulating this event with a different ScorpioN, where there was no seepage. However, in a recent video posted by the YouTuber Yash9W, all cars manufactured after the incident have received new paddings to cushion and fill some relatively large gaps near the drain holes in the sunroof.

However, this doesn’t really play a major part in actually fixing the problem as the solution to this would be by installing better quality rubber seals. The new paddings only play a part in avoiding the collection of matter like leaves, twigs and small stones in the sunroof, which could potentially lead to the sunroof getting stuck.

mahindra scorpio n sunroof update

Thus, it remains to be seen if it would work in conjunction with the current rubber seals to keep water from seeping into the cabin. As a fact, the Youtuber who first posted the video of the leaking sunroof under a waterfall got a new XUV700 as a courtesy car from Mahindra! This has been done in order to ensure that the vlogger, Arun Panwar, has a car to drive while his ScorpioN is in the service centre.

Some latest news about the ScorpioN is that the SUV is now BS6 phase 2 ready, and production for it will commence. Moreover, Mahindra has given the other lower variants of the ScorpioN the green light for deliveries, as only the top-spec variants were getting delivered as a priority. This is what led to the mammoth waiting periods of up to 15 months for select variants.

How is the ScorpioN as an overall SUV?

Keeping this and small niggles aside, the ScorpioN is an excellent SUV choice and is well-balanced. The SUV is quite powerful and gets a potent 2.2-litre diesel engine capable of churning 172 PS and 400 Nm of torque, while the 2.0-litre petrol engine has 200 PS and 370 Nm of torque as well. The feature list is also extensive, with an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrated, and of course, the beloved sunroof!