Mahindra Scorpio N Gets Feature Reshuffle & Price Hike

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Mahindra announces feature changes and price hike for Scorpio N. Learn about the changes and what they mean for you as potential buyers

Since its launch in 2022, the Mahindra Scorpio N has been popular among Indian car buyers. However, the SUV has received some updates that will leave many potential buyers scratching their heads. While some might call it “feature rationalization,” others call it a cost-cutting exercise by M&M.

The updates primarily affect the lower-spec Z4 and mid-spec Z6 variants. As part of Mahindra’s Integrated Material Cost Reduction (IMCR) initiative, these variants have lost some features that were previously offered as standard, like the cooled glove box. This premium feature has been removed from the Z4 and Z6 trims, and is now exclusive to the higher-spec Z8 and top-tier Z8L trims.

The Z6 trim’s 7-inch color TFT screen has been replaced with a smaller, 4.2-inch monochrome MID, similar to the one found in the Z4 trim. Apart from that, the infotainment system no longer gets AdrenoX Connect and built-in Alexa compatibility. Despite the removal of features, the prices of both the Z4 and Z6 variants have gone up!

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The Z4 now costs up to Rs 34,000 more, while the Z6 sees a price increase of up to Rs 31,000. The other trim levels have not been affected by the latest update. Fortunately, the core characteristics and capabilities of the Scorpio N remain unchanged. The mechanical specifications on all variants remain the same.

The Z4 trim of the Mahindra Scorpio is still available with the petrol and diesel engine options – petrol and diesel. You get both manual and automatic gearbox choices with both engines, with 4WD option offered on the diesel-MT variants. The Z6 continues to be diesel-exclusive, with both manual and automatic gearbox options. There is no 4WD option on this trim, the same as before.

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Mahindra’s decision to remove features and increase prices has sparked debate. While some understand the need for cost optimization, others feel that the price hike doesn’t justify the reduction in features. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to buy a Scorpio N depends on your individual priorities and budget.