Mahindra Roxor Mattracks Can Take On Toughest Off-Road Applications

mahindra roxor tanktracks-1

Mahindra Roxor fitted with the Mattracks has better traction capabilities and it can be used in a variety of applications

Mahindra is selling the Roxor in the United States with a slew of aftermarket options as it can be customised to suit the requirements of the buyers, as the accessories range from new decals to wraps. The Roxor competes against mainly All Terrain Vehicles from Kawasaki and Polaris as it is classified under the off-highway category mainly for the domestic use.

The Roxor caters most to the farmers and as many as seven paint schemes are offered with it. It also gets options for the grille, tyres, shock absorbers, bumper, front hook, seat covers, winch, stinger, snowploughing, windshield, enclosure and much more. The Mattracks fitted version is significantly costlier than the standard Roxor.

However, what it can do is largely cannot be tackled by the regular version. In this video, you could readily see the Roxor equipped with Mattracks can handle a variety of surface conditions as it can manoeuvre through moist lands, rock beds, barren lands, slush and even mines and it all depends on the preference of the consumers whether to opt for this version or not.

To enable a better experience for customers, the ZRX Roxor Tracks can be installed at the brand’s dealerships. It uses a unique rubber torsion anti-torque system and is built on HSLA steel frame while there is also a full-rubber torsion suspension and aluminium drive sprockets. These help in enhancing the traction of the Roxor under different conditions.

It must be noted that Mattracks are used in a variety of applications such as mining, drilling, pipeline construction, surveying and farming industries. Based on the Thar off-roader, the Roxor is powered by the 2.5-litre M2DICR turbocharged diesel engine and it develops 64 PS maximum power and 95 Nm of peak torque.

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It is paired with a manual or an automatic transmission sending power to all the four wheels. The same motor was discontinued in the Thar, which is waiting to get a brand new generation in the coming months. The second-gen Thar gets evolutionary exterior updates and a new petrol engine and it will be likely be offered in multiple seating configurations.