Mahindra Mojo Specifications Out Officially, Brochure and Image Gallery

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Mahindra Mojo Specifications shows that the engine is high on torque and comes with segment best features

Finally! The Mahindra Mojo is out of the box and has been presented along with a host of information has been revealed to us. The Mahindra Mojo Specifications are out and the numbers are, quite frankly, surprising. The engine focuses high on torque and not horsepower. The Mojo is squarely aimed at cruiser audience.

A growing bunch of biker that want to sit on their bike do not want to stop at any cost. With just 27 BHP of power you expect the torque to be lesser than horsepower right? Wrong, the Mahindra Mojo makes 30 Nm of torque from its engine.

Mahindra Mojo Brochure in Gallery:

Reason why Mahindra has done this is because the dry weight of the bike is around 163 kgs. This weight figures come with a dry tank. Add 21 litres of fuel and bike instantly reaches around 180 kg mark quite easily. Cruiser like wheelbase is available, which stands at 1465 mm! LED has been used only for tail-lights and the DRL eye brows.

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Filter is paper type and the engine running on a very high compression ratio of 11:0:1. The chassis has been cleverly hidden with side panels which are made of aluminium. However, it is a twin tube frame which has the engine co-axially mounted.

First impression in flesh and blood of the Mahindra Mojo says that the bike extremely substantial looking motorcycle at first glance. Along with the macho looks, twin pod headlamps, upside down forks, 320mm front disc, 21 litre fuel tank and pirelli tyres also available to wow the riders. The bike does not look like a 300cc and it does like two segment above and comes with unique feature set.

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The bike has the tough and heavy DNA seen with Mahindra vehicles scooter, motorcycle or SUV’s. Mahindra hasn’t gone on a diet to make it focused performer. The Mojo is said to stay on the roads till the fuel tank (a large one) gets empty.

We will be riding it shortly and we will be updating on it soon on our social media channels. However, wait for the full review which should follow as well.

Production Version of Mahindra Mojo in Gallery: