Mahindra Mojo Long Term Review – First Report

mahindra mojo long term review - first report-2
  • Date acquired: 9th February 2016
  • Distance done: 1950 km
  • Fuel efficiency: 29 kmpl
  • Spare cost : Rs.4400 (Front Alloy)

In a nutshell, my first ride with this naked street tourer has left me highly impressed and did bring out a smile on my face. Mahindra Mojo is an attention grabber and stands unique above everyone else when you peer at it in traffic. The twin headlights paired with LED make it appear like a Wolverine in my opinion or any wild creature waiting to up its speed.

The motorcycle has a class-leading 21-litre fuel tank which is a big YES! Giving me a mileage of 29-33 KMPL, I must confess that you would not have to make fuel stops very often. The twin exhaust makes all the pops and crackles you want compounding the sportiness of the tourer. But since it’s side-mounted and the cornering clearance is less, you will be detained off some fun through the slow speed corners.

mahindra mojo long term review - first report-13The instrument cluster is a bit old fashioned but over time it will grow on you for good and in my case it has certainly. When I turn the motor on every day, I was greeted with a burble sound which is very purposeful. I went to the fuel station and got the tank refuelled to the bike’s maximum capacity.

For the first few kilometres, I rode the bike in the city only. It felt very comfortable due to the smooth suspension setup and the relaxed riding position. The power was available at anytime, all you need to do is just flip the throttle and you’ll feel the push. Once I was on the highway, the engine felt very fine, no vibrations even while cruising at higher rpms and it’s a defining character of this tourer.

I did endure broken alloy during my time with the Mojo though courtesy of Gurgaon city roads. As the stock wasn’t available, the service centre took over 20 days to fix it and it costed Rs. 4,400.

mahindra mojo long term review - first report-12I wish the Mojo had slightly more aggressive seating position to it and a taller windscreen because at high speeds the wind blasts directly at your face due to the upright handlebar position. While cruising at high speeds on the highway, few people did use to swerve into my lane and here the brakes used to come in good work.

The front disc brakes worked like a charm but the rear brake system felt out of action and locked up quite easily. Mahindra should’ve provided ABS at least as an option and it would have made the Mojo even more attractive I felt. The Mojo comes with a set of high standard tyres from Pirelli.

mahindra mojo long term review - first report-10The Rosso diablo II is no joke when it comes to gripping the tarmac. At high speed cornering, the tyres did stick to the road really well. To test the adventure characteristics of Mojo, I took it to some unpaved slippery surface and the Pirelli tyres did come in handy and gave me plenty of confidence to raise the throttle while riding this 180 kg machine.

As the Mojo I am given with is for the long-term test review, it is essential for me to tell you if it can be used for daily commuting. One fine morning I woke up early and took the Mojo out for a spin to examine its sporty potential particularly. The throttle response is on the relaxed side and understandably it is what a tourer wants but comes at the expense of being aggressive.

mahindra mojo long term review - first report-15Riding it back home I felt my butt and my back feeling a bit of pain. This was perhaps due to the extra soft cushioning. The least favourite part for me in the bike was its headlamps. The two chunky round headlamps doesn’t work the way they beautifully look. They offered not so brighter illumination. I would really want to see the Mojo to be offered with ABS due to its heavy front end.

The seat for pillion should have had a longer base for a more comfortable time during the ride. To wrap it up for now, Mojo is a promising tourer and boasts a really fine 300 cc motor that makes 27 bhp and 30 Nm of peak torque mated to a responsive six-speed transmission.

Its comfortable riding dynamics perfectly makes for a long distance riding motorcycle. Mahindra has justified why they took half a decade just for a two wheeler with the Mojo though and watch this space as we have more to tell you on our next segment of this review!