Mahindra’s Jawa Premium Brand Could Use Mojo’s Engine Platform


Mahindra is expected to bring in the Jawa brand with retro themed motorcycles based on the 300 cc Mojo’s engine platform

Mahindra and Mahindra has been working on making a big impact in the Indian two-wheeler market. It is no secret that the homegrown company bought two of the iconic names in motorcycling, Jawa and BSA. There are several indications already that both the brands will be making their presence felt and greet customers in the not-so-distant future.

Mahindra recently launched a low cost version of its Mojo with significant price reduction over the standard model and is now said to be leveraging the sports tourer’s engine platform for the upcoming models under different badges. It is in move to cater growing demands for retro motorcycles in the premium space reportedly.


It is said to be developing new Classic Legends series based on the existing Mojo’s engine architecture. The new motorcycles will enter the market under Jawa and BSA brands that were acquired back in 2016. The 300 cc engine platform of Mojo is scalable and can be utilized depending on the different profiles of the forthcoming classic motorcycles.

The engine platform is Mojo is expected to be capable of spawning new iterations of 300 cc power plants. It appears to be ideal considering that they will fit the bill perfectly in the mid-size classic motorcycle space currently ruled by Royal Enfield. Many brands have tried their hands on it but no significant assault has been made yet.

Jawa 350 OHC 2017 2

Mahindra will be looking to make use of the vintage brand name of Jawa to sell the products. Cost saving will be an important factor as pricing the models affordably will do a world of good for approaching customers. Until then, the Mojo UT300 is expected to be a main sales contributor and there are reports that an electric scooter based on Gusto is in the horizon as well.