Mahindra Gusto Special Edition Launched Silently

2015 Mahindra Gusto special edition

Mahindra Gusto Special Edition launched silently as the festive is here, pricing is just Rs 500 above the normal variant

Mahindra two-wheeler is making serious attempts to get into the two-wheeler market. It started with the Centuro than the Gusto and now the Mojo. They say they will getting more products soon. However, that does not stop them refreshing the existing one and that is what they have done it. After Rockstar edition of the Centuro, the Gusto Special edition is out and come with minimal price increase.

There is no special name given to this special edition and it is just called the special edition. Confusing? Well it’s on the contrary side. Special edition is as always a cosmetic upgrade to the scooter. Ice Cool Red and Silver Magenta are the new colors introduced despite the fact that there are already many color options available. Color options are limited to variants as well, However, this new Special edition colors is available with top of the line VX variant.

2015 Mahindra Gusto Silvern Magenta

Gusto Special edition continues to come in three variants, DX, HX, VX, VX Spl edition. Gusto continues to be powered by same engine as before. A 111cc engine which makes 8 BHP of power and 9 Nm of torque. Weight stands at 120 kg and comes with 12-inch wheels on both ends. Mahindra has only offered two special colors for the Gusto that are just multi colors of the existing color palate.

2015 Mahindra Gusto Ice Cool Red

Gusto has car like features such as a flip key, with immobilizer, height adjustable seat, LED pilot lamps and several segment first features. Gusto continues to sell well too. With around 10,000 units every month it is doing quite around the country. With more dealerships and selling online of the vehicles, We can expect more from these well engineered motorcycles and scooter from the brand.

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