Mahindra e20 Sport Concept Revealed at Auto Expo 2016, Video

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Mahindra e20 Sport Concept Revealed at Auto Expo 2016; it has electric range of 200 km from a 140 hp powertrain

Mahindra & Mahindra has unveiled the e20 Sport concept during the second day of the Auto Expo 2016 in Greater Noida. The all-electric GT concept gives a sneak-peak into the potential production model the Indian manufacturer could decide to build in the not so distance future.

The e20 Sport GT will more likely have an advanced electric drivetrain as the largest SUV maker in the country continues to explore into greener commuting technologies with zero emission. Mahindra claims to have square steel shell lithium ion battery pack which is capable of going the distance of up to 200 km on a single charge.

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The all-electric vehicle is rated to accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph in just four seconds and the standstill to 100 kmph is at a highly impressive eight seconds, taking advantage of the seamless power and torque deliveries right from the get-go and throughout the rev range.

The powertrain has a system voltage of 384 V and the 80 kilo Watt battery pack can develop a maximum power output of 105 kW (140 hp) at 12,500 rpm and a beefier peak torque of 180 Nm driving the electric motors at the rear wheels. It measures about 3,453 mm in length; 1,564 mm in width; 1,506 mm in height and comes with a wheelbase of 2,064 mm.

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It rides on 205/40ZR17 sportier wheels with low profile stickier tyres and features a ground clearance of 120 mm. The kerb weight of the e20 Sport tips the scale at 1,189.5 kg and stopping duties are dealt with ventilated disc brakes up front and rear. The electric vehicle is claimed to reach a top speed of 120 kmph.

As for the exterior, the e20 Sport featured a sportier body kit with flamboyant yellow, red and black paint scheme. The rear has fin-type larger spoiler helping to push the car to the ground for aerodynamic benefits with additional downforce. It comprises of aggressive front and rear bumpers with gaps at the rear to reduce wake region circling at the wheels.

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The rear diffuser regulates the air flow passing underneath the car and the low-pressure air is sent outwards undisturbed through it whilst aiding for increased downforce. The e20 Sport has Momo racing steering wheel and bucket seats with sporty six point harness straps. With General Electric’s masterminds, Mahindra could employ a wireless charging facility and an even more lightweight high-capacity battery capable of faster charging times.

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