Two-Door Mahindra e20 Discontinued Following e2o Plus Launch?

Mahindra e2o Plus launched in India

The smaller Mahindra e20 discontinued as per rumours following the launch of new e2o Plus that offers improved range and interior space

Mahindra has launched the e2o Plus in India last month, which came as a bigger and better version of the e2o electric hatchback. Though the company has not confirmed anything, but it seems the smaller e2o has been discontinued right after the launch of e2o Plus. As the four-door Mahindra e2o Plus is more practical compared to the two-door e2o, discontinuing the older model gives Mahindra a chance to increase new model’s production volume.

The Mahindra e2o Plus appears with larger length and wheelbase. It is 310 mm longer, 61 mm wider and 25 mm taller than its predecessor, while it also sports 300 mm of extra wheelbase. With that, the e2o Plus offers more space than the old model. Also, in terms of features the new e2o Plus gets remote diagnostics system, connectivity through smartphone app, a new and refreshed infotainment system.

Mahindra e2o electric car launched in UK

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Mahindra e2o Plus comes with a very practical design. With such compactness, it is well capable to move through dense traffic. The car is available in four different exterior colour options – Coral Blue, Sparkling Wine, Arctic Silver and Solid White. It is available in four different trim levels P2, P4, P6 and P8.

The Mahindra e2o Plus takes power from a three-phase AC induction motor, combined with a lithium-ion battery pack. This motor churns out power in two different tunes 25 bhp and 40 bhp. The P2, P4, P6 come producing 25 bhp, while the top-end trim P8 generates 40 bhp. The torque amount generated by the motor is 70 Nm for lower trims, while the top-end P8 kicks out 91 Nm. It can run 140 km with a single charge, which is pretty decent for daily commuting.

Mahindra e2o electric car launched in UK 1

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Mahindra is the first Indian automaker to roll out fully electric powered cars in the country. Presently it sells electric cars like e2o Plus, eVerito and eSupro. The newly launched e2o Plus is priced between Rs. 5.46 lakh and Rs. 8.46 lakh, depending on different trims.