Magna eBeam Unveiled; Transforms Pickup Trucks & LCVs Into EVs

Magna eBeam replacement for solid rear axle

Magna International’s new eBeam technology allows pickup trucks to adopt electrification while retaining all their prior capabilities

Electrification is sweeping the automobile industry all over the globe, and after numerous innovations in the passenger EV space, the focus is shifting towards pickup trucks as well. Magna International has recently unveiled its new eBeam technology, for use in pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles.

The eBeam would allow automakers to electrify their trucks easily, without compromising on their functionality or utility. The system has been designed for continuous-duty use on high-payload vehicles and can be integrated with either a battery-powered electric powertrain or a hybrid one. It can be used on existing ICE-powered truck platforms, without any dedicated changes to the chassis, braking, or suspension systems.

The eBeam is a solid axle system, available with single or dual electric motors. Automakers can essentially use this as a drop-in replacement for the solid beam rear axle on regular gasoline- or diesel-powered pickup trucks and LCVs. This makes it an easy as well as an extremely cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

Magna eBeam

It is a bold endeavour to electrify pickup trucks, whose owners demand the towing and hauling capabilities they are currently used to, and we’ve accomplished it with our eBeam technology,” said Tom Rucker, President of Magna Powertrain. “We know axles are core elements of a truck’s strength, and we are excited to have developed the first significant improvement to the solid beam axle in over 100 years.”

The eBeam is available in three variants with power output ranging from 120 kW to 250 kW (163 PS to 340 PS). The single-motor setup can be had with either a single-speed or a two-speed transmission. The dual-motor setup is only available with a single-speed transmission but gets torque vectoring as well.

Magna also provides powertrain solutions for electric four-wheel drive, which would incorporate an electric drivetrain for the front wheels, complete with advanced software support and controls for seamless integration. It is not known if any manufacturer has already placed orders for the eBeam, or if Magna is in talks with someone. However, this new system does have a lot of potential, and we expect to see it in action soon.