Lunaz Begins Production Of All-Electric Range Rover Classic SUV

Lunaz Range Rover Classic Electric Restomod 1

Silverstone-based Lunaz is building an all-electric version of the Range Rover Classic, in two variants – Town and Country

Restoring classic and vintage cars has always been a popular trend, but resto-modding them into EVs has recently gained popularity. Some companies have also started selling classic vehicles after converting them into EVs! In this market space, Lunaz is quite a popular name, responsible for electric versions of a few luxury classics like Jaguar XK120 and Rolls-Royce Phantom V (series 5). The company is now working on another new, or rather old, model – Range Rover Classic.

The Range Rover Classic, originally produced from 1969 to 1996, was a popular on/off-road SUV back in its day. Lunaz will be offering the Classic in two variants –Town and Country. The ‘Town’ model will focus mainly on comfort, and will be available in two forms – long wheelbase/four-door version and standard wheelbase/two-door version. The ‘Country’ model will be off-road-oriented, with 4WD, better suspension, improved brakes, anti-roll bars, etc., available on it.

There’s also an open-top version, called ‘Safari Specification’, based on the one in the 1983 James Bond flick, Octopussy. Also, this isn’t a half-baked electric conversion job; each RR Classic model will be re-engineered thoroughly, and the electric powertrain is fitted when the vehicle is stripped down to its bare-metal essentials.

Lunaz Range Rover Classic Electric Restomod 2

The battery and motor specifications are a mystery at the moment though. These Lunaz Range Rover Classics may look old-school, but they’ll come fitted with a lot of modern tech. These include an infotainment system, a powerful AC and heating system, entertainment screen for the rear seats, onboard Wi-Fi, and even satellite telecommunication.

Each model will be tailor-made, and customers can choose to customise their vehicle with multiple upholstery choices. One can even choose to get to a mini-bar instead of the rear seats, which is a pretty awesome option in all honesty. Even without all the luxury on offer, these vehicles are works of art.

Lunaz Range Rover Classic Electric Restomod 3

Of course, all this brilliance comes at a price, and the starting cost of the Lunaz Range Rover Classic is £245,000 (Rs. 2.4 crore). Even for a restored classic vehicle, this is quite a hefty price, and the initial production run will be limited to only 50 units.