Long-Range Tata Nexon EV To Be Launched In India On May 11

tata nexon-4
Picture credit - Sagar Bhise

The long-range Tata Nexon EV is expected to use a larger 40 kWh battery pack with a claimed driving range of around 400 km on a single charge

Tata Motors will launch the long-range variant of the country’s best-selling passenger electric vehicle, the Nexon EV, on May 11, 2022. It was supposed to launch on April 20 before getting postponed and in the meantime, the homegrown manufacturer has brought in two concepts, the Curvv and the Avinya. Both are expected to have their production versions introduced by 2025.

The Nexon EV was first launched in early 2020 and it has emerged as the best-seller with conviction. Building on the momentum, Tata announced big investments under the TPEML (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited) umbrella and it is currently working on three electrified platforms to launch as many as ten new zero-emission vehicles over the next five years.

The arrival of the long-range Nexon EV will certainly help in expanding the electric SUV’s range further and more crucially appeal to customers looking at the MG ZS EV. The Nexon EV is currently priced between Rs. 14.54 lakh and Rs. 17.15 lakh (ex-showroom) and the long-range version could command a premium of around Rs. 3-4 lakh while undercutting the ZS EV, which is priced at Rs. 25.88 lakh (ex-showroom).

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It will be equipped with a new 40 kWh battery pack enabling a claimed driving range of around 400 km on a single charge. It could get minor exterior and interior updates to differentiate itself from the 30.2 kWh regular Nexon EV. To accommodate the larger Li-ion battery, the floor pan has been modified and thus the bootspace is expected to be slightly sacrificed.

In addition, it might bear a different name too or gain an added suffix. The real-world range could be around 300-320 km making it more appealing to a wider band of consumers. It will more likely get a powerful 6.6 kW AC charger and improved charging time can also be expected.

It could also boast selectable regen modes as the intensity of the regenerative braking system could be adjusted. Some of the new features expected are ventilated front seats, cruise control, ESP, air purifier, etc.