List of the Diesel Cars Banned in Delhi-NCR, Financial Disaster for Car Dealers

List of the Cars Banned-in New Delhi - NCR

List of the diesel cars banned in Delhi-NCR is given below; the ban will lead to financial disaster for car dealers and manufacturers

The Supreme Court has ruled that no diesel vehicles beyond 2,000cc should be registered in the nation’s capital for the next three months(from January 1st to March 31st) in a move to clamp down the soaring pollution levels. New Delhi has been listed as the world’s most polluted city with pollution scaled up to twelve times more than World Health Organisation’s recommended levels.

The Delhi Government has been asked to restrict this gigantic scale by the Supreme Court and they reacted by suggesting the implementation of Road Space Rationing technique which works in such a way that vehicles will be forced to run on alternate days based on their odd-even licence plates.

The National Green Tribunal intervened and imposed a ban on diesel vehicles with immediate effect whilst registrations of such-engined vehicles that are more than a decade old wont be renewed. This made auto manufacturers furious as the already booked cars and year-end inventories left to be sold through discounts were stock-piled in thousands at their respective showrooms. It will eventually lead to a loss of estimated hundreds of crores for the car makers.

List of the Diesel Cars Banned in Delhi-NCR
Yesterday to further clarify the NGT’s prohibition, the Supreme Court’s inflicted an interim ban on registration of diesel cars and SUVs above 2,000cc ostensibly for the first three months of the new year. Luxury car manufacturers like BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz who employ more than 2.0-litre engines in their SUV portfolios are smacked brutally hard.

Mahindra is the vastly affected Indian automaker as its market-leading SUV models Bolero, Scorpio, XUV500 and Xylo have all come under the ban that will result in a drastic sales slump. The other Indian automotive giant Tata will have to deal with not selling Aria, Safari, Safari Storme and Sumo. The Toyota models that will be impaired are Fortuner, Innova, Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser Prado whilst Tavera and Trailblazer are from Chevrolet alongside Ford Endeavour, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Hyundai Santa Fe.

All taxis operating in the city are being asked to convert into CNG-powered by 1st of March 2016 as well. Trucks not bound for Delhi will be restricted from entering the capital through NH 1 and 8, whilst the entry of trucks registered before 2005 will be completely prohibited. Environment Compensation Charge (ECC) of Rs. 2,600 for big trucks and Rs 1,400 for light commercial vehicles will be collected for those carrying goods to be sold in the city.

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