Lexus LS+ Concept Showcased In Tokyo; Previews Advanced Autonomous Tech


Lexus LS+ Concept gets a range of advanced autonomous driving technology including Highway Teammate that is due for launch in 2020

Toyota luxury car wing Lexus has unveiled its LS+ concept at Tokyo Motor Show previewing advanced self-driving technology that to be incorporated in the brand’s upcoming flagship model. Apart from the exclusive design of the concept, the technology makes it more attractive. As Lexus says, it gets a host of self-driving techs that include Highway Teammate system, which knows when to enter and exit a motorway.

The premium luxury carmaker also says that it wants to introduce this advanced self-driving tech to its flagship model that is due for launch sometime around 2020. Also, the Lexus LS+ concept model’s on-board artificial intelligence system ensures, the car is always learning about its surroundings and by receiving the over-the-air updates it keeps the car system up to date. This way, the owner doesn’t need to take the car to the dealer for software update.


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Now, coming to the design of the Lexus LS+ concept, it appears longer, wider and low sitting compared to the current LS. The automaker has emphasised on aerodynamic efficiency of the car, while designing the concept. It carries Lexus contemporary front fascia design and blends it with high-end tech.

The spindle grille comes with a shutter behind it that opens to let cool air in when the engine needs it and closes for better aerodynamics. The sharp headlamps get laser units and at the side profile, it features slim cameras instead of conventional ORVMs. Apart from that, it gets large bold wheels, sleek character lines, nicely curved roofline and at the back, a full LED bar instead of conventional taillights.


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With the blue lights at the front grille and at side profile, we can assume it to carry an environment friendly powertrain. However, the brand is tightlipped about the power source of this concept model. But, as we said, it could be a hybrid or a full electric powertrain as well.

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