Lee Munro Sets New Speed Record On-Board An Indian Scout


Lee Munro reached top speed of 300.72 kmph in 1,350 cc ‘Modified Partial Streamliner – Gas’ category at El Mirage

Lee Munro has set a new motorcycle speed record of reaching a top speed of 300.72 kmph on an Indian Scout in the 1,350 cc ‘Modified Partial Streamliner – Gas’ category at El Mirage in California last month. The performance was a test to prove whether Lee could handle the modified bike at high speeds ahead of his participation in the Bonneville Speed Week.

Lee Munro is not the first one to set such record in his family as his great uncle Burt Munro set a 1,000 cc class record of reaching 295.45 kmph back in 1967. Burt Munro set the speed record on his Indian Scout Streamliner at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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After setting the new speed record, Lee was saying that the Indian Scout was pretty much stable even at such high speed. The chassis of the bike is very much stable and the engine is pretty strong. He also said that being the great nephew of Burt Munro, the achievement feels more special. The motorcycle manufacturer says that this was the best tribute to the 50 year old speed record set by legendary Burt Munro.

Interestingly, Lee was not the lone rider to set a record for Indian Motorcycle. The American motorcycle manufacturer set another new record in the Modified Pushrod Gasoline 2,000 cc class by reaching a top speed of 248.05 kmph with a 2015 Indian Chief Classic. Chet Michaelson, as engine calibration technician of the company rode the motorcycle to beat the old record of 243 kmph.

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There was third rider from the motorcycle manufacturer, senior engine calibration technician Dan Gervais, who rode a modified 2015 Indian Scout in the Modified Gasoline 1,350 cc class. He reached a top speed of 248 kmph beating the previous record of 246 kmph. Meanwhile, despite fuelling excitement at the Bonneville Salt Flat, the Indian Motorcycle team couldn’t break the 321 kmph (200 mph) barrier at the event, as due to due to high winds and rough conditions, Lee was able to reach a top speed of 300 kmph.