The CarPi4 Plus gets built in Wifi with 4G LTE support and we can install apps from the Google Playstore which can be used on the touch screen

Hyundai Creta is one of the popular pemium compact SUVs in the Indian market. The Korean manufactured has given lots of features for Creta including 7 inch touch screen infotainment system which supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But if you want to upgrade the system to give a premium look like Volvo’s infotainment system then Laxo Orbis CarPi4 Plus is an ideal unit.

Laxo Orbis is a company which focuses on aftermarket infotainment system for most modern cars. Their unique feature is that you don’t need to use extra cable or wires to attach the system to your car as these infotainment systems are OEM compatible so the customers don’t need to worry about any electrical problems for the car in future.

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These infotainment systems come with lot more fetures compared to regular units. In Creta, the entire centre console is replaced with the new system which is a 10.4 inch touch screen unit and like Volvo system which uses the touch screen for everything this one also get climate controls in it which gives a premium feel for the cabin.


The system runs on Android 6 and comes with phone mirroring also but misses out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The CarPi4 Plus gets built in Wifi with 4G LTE support and we can install apps from the Google Playstore which can be used on the touch screen. The system gets 16 GB of internal storage which will help the customer as they don’t need to carry USB to play music.

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The CarPi4 Plus also support video playback from USB or from the internal storage. The system also works with the reverse camera of the car and it gets the option of subwoofer output. The CarPi4 Plus get optional accessories including tyre pressure monitoring system, on board diagnostics system, digital video recorder, 3D parking view camera system, advanced driver assistance system, rear view camera and DAB/DVB receiver.

The package comes with infotainment screen, GPS antenna and necessary cables. Laxo Orbis priced the system at Rs. 45,999 which is expensive but considering the features we get with this system, it is worth and the CarPi4 Plus gets one year warranty. The CarPi4 Plus can be purchased from the official website of Laxo Orbis and it can be fitted by taking the car to any accessory shop

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