Land Rover Protects Defender Name and Blocks its Usage from Others


Land Rover protects Defender name as it prevented a Canadian company from using the nomenclature for its all-terrain vehicle

Land Rover has blocked a Canadian company from using the name ‘Defender’ for the latter’s all-terrain vehicle. The ATV from the company Bombardier Recreational Products has been marketed as a funny and recreational off-roader. Now by the order from the High Court, the company is barred from using the name Defender within European Union.

The British automaker has said, it would remain vigilant across more than 150 markets about the usage of the name of its iconic vehicle. Speaking about the matter, Jaguar Land Rover’s Legal Boss Mr. Keith Benjamin has said, the company welcomes the ruling as it recognizes the enforceability of the brand’s intellectual property rights and prevents use by third parties.


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Mr. Benjamin also added that JLR’s business if based on unique design and engineering attribute. It will protect the ‘Defender’ brand robustly around the world, which has been an important part of the British company’s history. Whenever necessary, Jaguar Land Rover will pursue legal action even against large companies as well. The protection includes name, body shape and passing off anything similar.

According to the ruling by High Court, Bombardier Recreational Products must remove the ‘Defender’ badge from all its products including the brochures as well. Also it has been ordered to pay a small amount in damages and legal costs to the British automaker. Chemical firm Ineos recently expressed interest in manufacturing a vehicle, which would bear the name of the iconic SUV. Now, the company claims it has no plans to use the Defender name for its car.


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Land Rover is currently working on new generation Defender. It is expected to go on sale in 2019 and the automaker claims, this will be the most high-tech car from the brand ever. It would come available in two different wheelbase variants.