Lambretta To Make India Comeback With Electric Scooter At Auto Expo 2020


Apart from introducing an electric prototype Lambretta also has plans to introduce another scooter in India as well in the same year

How many of you remember the Lambretta scooters which used to rule the Indian roads once? For those of you who are not aware, they are a renowned Italian-Swiss scooter manufacturer who is currently owned by Innocenti. The two-wheeler brand has decided to make a comeback and showcase a prototype of their global electric scooter, Lambretta Electric, at the next Auto Expo which will be held in the year 2020 in New Delhi. Besides that, they also have plans to introduce one more scooter in the same year, which is also being developed in Italy.

Innocenti, the parent company has its presence in over 80 Countries with a variety of product ranges including the iconic two-wheeler brand. The company has decided to unveil their upcoming electric scooter prototype in India because they wanted to show how India has played an important role in the history of Lambretta. They also wanted to introduce their World customers to experience the uniqueness that the Indian culture offers.

The Lambretta electric scooter is currently being developed in Milan, Italy, which actually is not too far from the place where Lambretta was originally born in the year 1947. There are no details available about the upcoming electric scooter at this moment and we will only come to know about it only during the time of its unveiling.

However, what we do know at this moment is that the two-wheeler manufacturer has collaborated with reputed global partners and thus you can expect superior quality in this new electric platform. In India, the company has partnered with Lohia Auto based in Noida and New Delhi headquartered Bird Group.


Keeping in mind the specific demands of the Indian consumers they have also started working on the Super Lambretta scooter as well. The upcoming scooter will be bigger, more spacious and practical than the existing Lambretta models. The super Lambretta will claim a premium and upscale position in the Indian scooter market. As far as its styling is concerned, it will retain a Classic rich look and feel to it. The scooter will be developed especially for the young ambitious people who adore the originality and beauty of Italian designs.

The two-wheeler manufacturer will also set up a new plant near Mumbai area which will later also become a hub for exporting to developing markets. This plant will also be responsible for providing original Lambretta products and will also act as a production hub for surrounding countries including Africa.