Kinetic Electric Luna Image Leaked Online Ahead Of Launch

Kinetic Electric Luna

Kinetic e-Luna will retain the simplicity and charm of the original Luna moped, maintaining a focus on affordability and practicality

Kinetic, a prominent name in the Indian two-wheeler industry a few decades back, is gearing up to reintroduce the iconic Luna moped, this time in an electric vehicle (EV) avatar. Recently, a leaked image surfaced on the internet, offering a sneak peek at what the upcoming e-Luna would offer in the design department.

Staying true to its heritage, the e-Luna sticks close to the original. It will get a split seat configuration and an open floorboard with ample storage space, allowing riders to conveniently carry their belongings. Additionally, a front crash guard and a rear grab rail are visible in the image, ensuring safety and convenience. It looks simple and practical, similar to its closest rival – TVS XL 100 – but with a few seemingly modern edges.

Kinetic e-Luna will likely get an LCD display, which might even get a Bluetooth connectivity option. In the leaked image, we see a square-shaped headlight flanked by bulb indicators, providing a classic appeal. The taillight will likely be a traditional bulb unit too, not LED, to keep costs in check. We also see a pair of telescopic front forks at the front and dual shockers at the rear, with drum brakes on both ends.

Kinetic Electric Luna

Given its potential focus on last-mile delivery applications, the e-Luna’s affordability factor will play a crucial role. As a result, the vehicle may have a minimalist approach when it comes to additional features. The specifics of the e-Luna’s battery and motor specifications are still under wraps. We expect the electric moped to get a small electric motor and battery pair, good for a top speed of around 50 kmph and a range of around 75 km.

Developed by Kinetic Greens, the e-Luna will be manufactured in India, aligning with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. With a strong emphasis on localization, the e-Luna aims to contribute to the country’s EV ecosystem. The vehicle is expected to be launched later this year, targeting consumers looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

As anticipation builds, the return of the Kinetic e-Luna has piqued the interest of enthusiasts and potential buyers who appreciate the nostalgia and utility offered by the iconic Luna moped. With its electrified version, Kinetic aims to provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution for urban commuting and last-mile deliveries, while keeping the affordability factor in mind.