Keeping Side Mirrors Closed On Your Car Is An Offense In Chandigarh

hyundai verna 4s vinyl black mirror

Chandigarh traffic police has decided to fine Rs. 300 against people who keep their side mirrors closed while driving

Most of the modern cars are equipped with lots of safety features to prevent accidents but if we do basic things right it will help a lot. Usually most of the accidents happening in city are when someone try to change lane without looking at mirrors, even though cars have right and left side mirrors some people don’t bother to open the mirrors before driving.

In order to prevent this Standing Committee of the Administrator’s Advisory Council on Traffic Management, Chandigarh has decided to fine people who keep their side mirrors closed while driving. Initially, the traffic police will conduct an awareness drive for first three months to inform people about as they are not aware about this new fine system.

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After three months, traffic police will fine Rs. 300 for driving with side mirrors closed. To further improve traffic system, the officials decided to have a mobile app in which people can post pictures of cars or bikes or commercial vehicles which violate the rules, along with images people must post exact number of the vehicle also.

Traffic police will send challans directly to the violators home address and they need to pay it in court or using e-payment system. Another issue in city is three wheelers, which don’t have proper permits or registrations and their number is increasing at an alarming rate, which cause lots of traffic problem during peak hours. The traffic police is working on this issue and it is expected to be resolved in coming months.

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We appreciate Chandigarh traffic police for their initiative and hope that other states will also follow this as it will reduce accidents in city and highways. In this generation, people are so busy that they always use mobile phone while driving to make calls but they can use bluetooth system in cars to make calls which is much safer option.

Even though people are aware about these system they tend not to follow it, but government must taken initiatives to make people aware about these systems and hopefully in future we can expect the numbers of accidents to come down. If you are riding bike then always wear helmet and proper riding gear and in cars always wear seat belt.