Keep Your Documents in DigiLocker, Drive Paper Free


DigiLocker will help in spot verification of Driving licence and RC directly in the user’s smartphone

Now you don’t need to carry your driving license with you anymore. Well not the paper, but carry a soft copy instead just by registering and keeping your license in DigiLocker. It is a service launched by Central Government of India in February 2015, and now the Transport and Information Technology ministries are tying up to deliver the vehicle owners a swift and more convenient experience, during checking.

The documents kept in the national digital locker aka DigiLocker, can be easily verified by traffic police and other law enforcement agencies during document checking. All the users need to do is linking their Aadhaar Cards with their mobile numbers to open an account in the national digital locker and putting their valuable document’s soft copy in the locker.


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To verify the documents the enforcement officials have to have the DigiLocker mobile app installed in his or her mobile phones. A transport ministry official has already informed that, the service will be available from 7th September, 2016 and the app will be launched soon as well. This initiative comes as a part of the Central Government’s e-governance policy.

Two states in the country Delhi and Telengana have already shown new dimension in traffic management with issuing e-challans for the law violating vehicles. In these zones the law enforcement officials can feed the penalty points using the app, in case of any violation are detected by any vehicle. But using DigiLocker can be troublesome outside urban areas, where internet connectivity lacks in most of the cases, as the system completely depends on internet connectivity.