Keating Berus Supercar Set for Launch in 2017

Keating Berus

Keating Berus is claimed to do 0-100 kmph in 2.4 seconds; reveal next April at Monaco

There is an all new British supercar coming next year. Make no mistake about, it is neither from Jaguar nor Aston Martin. British auto industry is brimmed with motorsport excellence and there are so many small scale car builders. The performance and lightweight supercar specialists are there in numbers and some of them achieved success over the years.

Companies such as Radical, BAC, Ariel and Noble are some of the primary examples. The new supercar in question is the Keating Berus which is set to be unveiled at the Top Marques Monaco show next April. We have seen some of the supercars from unknown brands with unbelievable numbers just on paper failed to materialise.

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Let us not get cynical and go through the numbers now. Keating released some of the outstanding figures you seldom see in hypercars or race cars for that matter. The so called fastest version of the Berus is said to achieve standstill to 100 kmph in just 2.4 seconds whereas it can top out a maximum speed of 230 mph (370 kmph). Let us hope they have got this right with reliability intact.

The Berus has been announced to come in two versions namely a V8 engined model and a fully hybrid supercar that can go distance as well as being fast enough. The V8 motor is claimed to produce a maximum power output of 650 bhp while the all-electric model can pump out a power of 402 bhp and 1054 lb ft (1,430 Nm) of massive torque which is in any metric massive.


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The V8 could be the range topping variant of the Berus supercar. The Berus follows in line with the Bolt which was unveiled in 2013. It claimed to have a scarcely believable 340 mph (548 kmph), a world record number.

It never was put into production but snubbing that aside Keating has said it will be back with a bang via Berus next year. The front end design and the lighting resemble that of snake fangs according to the founder Dr Anthony Keating. It will be built in Bolton where the brand has close association with the University of Bolton.