Kawasaki Ninja 300 Based Electric Sportsbike Teased Again – Video

Kawasaki EV Endeavor Motorcycle-1-2

The electric sportsbike based on Ninja 300 could have a claimed riding range of around 120 km; global debut likely later this year

Kawasaki has continuously been teasing an electric faired motorcycle based on the Ninja 300 for quite a while. In the five videos released signifying its development, Kawasaki did not say much about the Ninja 300 EV except showing the test prototype. The video package began with Kawasaki stated to be “developing the high charged thrills of tomorrow”.

Moreover, just as other motorcycles in its portfolio, the zero-emission motorcycle is “designed according to rider centric development philosophy”. The shot clips of the prototype in developmental stage were shot at a racetrack and the Japanese manufacturer has gone on to boast that despite zero tailpipe emission, it is “circuit bred” for the roads.

Another interesting piece of information is Kawasaki saying that the manual transmission of the electric sportsbike will shift the general impression of eco-friendly bikes. The speculations surrounding the electrified Kawasaki Ninja 300 intensified when the patent images were leaked back in April 2019. Standing in line with the leaks, the test prototype has similar design cues as the IC-engined Ninja 300.

Some of the interesting mechanical bits like the suspension system, braking unit and even the wheels are identical to the regular Ninja 300. Unlike the diamond type frame the Ninja 300 sits on, the electric version uses a trellis frame integrating a big battery pack and an electric motor. In place of the six-speed transmission you could find in a regular Ninja, the electric version uses a four-speed unit.

The prototype is equipped with a DC fast charger developed in Japan and it is capable of replenishing back to 100 per cent in just half an hour. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 electric version could get a claimed riding of around 120 km on a single charge. The energy recovery system will play its part in optimizing the range of the entire system as well

Kawasaki EV Endeavor Motorcycle-4

The production version could get a TFT instrument cluster instead of the LCD screen found in the prototype. Expect the global debut to happen towards the end of this year, mostly during EICMA 2020 in Italy before entering markets. We do like to see it on Indian roads sometime next year.